Automation & Control

Automate and improve operations with GCI's ability to engineer state-of-the-art solutions for real-time control of your manufacturing process.

From machine sub-assemblies to entire work centers, GCI's implementation techniques focus on the integration of equipment and systems with minimal loss of production, which reduces total cost of ownership.

  • Custom Machine Control
  • Programmable Logic Controller Platforms (PLCs)
  • Legacy Control System Upgrades
  • Embedded Controllers
  • Integrated Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Process Control Systems
  • Multiple Axis Coordinated Motion Control
  • Intelligent Recognition Systems
  • Robotics



Information Systems

Management of the crucial information generated during the manufacturing operation is the key to improving quality, streamlining operations, and assessing financial impact to create a competitive advantage.

GCI can secure valuable information from the plant floor and create communication pipelines between manufacturing level applications, execution systems, and the ERP layer. Our task is to determine the best software products, advanced programming languages, relational data base schemas and networking architectures that will work effectively for you.




Project Management

GCI Project Managers combine practical experience in automation controls with technical expertise in advanced information systems to ensure that your project is defined correctly, scheduled accurately, and delivered on time.



Quality Management

Federally regulated industries represent a significant sector of the current GCI client base, including Food, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic manufacturers. Many of our clients are now faced with more stringent enforcement of regulations while manufacturing equipment and control systems continue to become increasingly complex.

GCI recognizes the challenges facing our regulated clients and takes a proactive role in Process Validation, Computer-Related Systems Validation, and Equipment Qualification through our Quality Management Systems and Services.

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